Ward One is an iOS application that tells the history of the Ward One voting district in Columbia, South Carolina, a traditionally black neighborhood that was demolished under the policies of urban renewal. Today, many University of South Carolina buildings stand in place of the homes and businesses that once dotted the streets. The Ward One application, developed in partnership with the Ward One Community, aims to tell the history of this area in the greater context of Jim Crow and segregation, both on a local and national level. This is done through oral histories, photos, and other archival content integrated into a interactive application that allows the interactor to explore a map of the Ward One district.

Read more about the Ward One project and view demos here. Ward One is one of several projects focusing on the history of the University of South Carolina. These projects may be found here.

I served as an iOS developer for the project, working on a small team of six people to create a smooth and seamless experience for the interactor. I also helped develop the designs and interactions between screens in conjunction with a graphic designer. Finally, I was one of the presenters in the annual Ward One demo to the Ward One community members.