Team: Dr. Jenay Beer, Clifton Perry,  Professor Scotty Craig, Emma Drobina

Abstract: Multimedia lessons are an important part of the set of educational tools. In this study, we gauge the effect of how a robot instructor presents material in a multimedia lesson on the student’s learning outcomes. The robot instructor presented a one-on-one lesson on weather and lightning formation, using gestures to effect spatial contiguity. We conducted a between-subjects study with three conditions (robot with gestures, robot with no gestures, and no robot). We found that students preferred the robot with gestures, finding it to be more personable than the robot without gestures.

I participated in both data collection and analysis for this study. For data collection, I gave a short presentation to each participant on the purpose of the study and what to do. I also analyzed qualitative data from the participants’ survey answers along with a partner, and conducted inter-rater reliability testing.

During this research experience, I learned how to analyze data with a partner and how to conduct inter-rater reliability testing. I also learned the importance of close collaboration in data analyses.