Team: Diandra Prioleau, Kiana Alikhademi, Brianna Richardson and Emma Drobina

On March 15th, 2019, a group of students from Florida A&M University and Florida State University’s College of Engineering toured the Human Experience Research Lab. Alongside my team, I gave a presentation introducing students to basic concepts of machine learning, which is shown below.

Following my presentation, we presented a tutorial on how to use the k-nearest neighbors classifier and an exercise for the students to perform on their own. Lastly, Brianna Richardson gave a presentation on ethics in machine learning and addressing issues of bias. All of these materials can be found in this GitHub repository.

I found that this visit was a valuable opportunity to participate in broadening participation in computer science. The goal of our presentations was to engage black women in computing in human-centered computing concepts we research in our lab. Moreover, writing the slides and giving my presentation was good practice for explaining concepts clearly and appropriately for an audience where not everyone was familiar with machine learning.